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Bryant Rogers was born in Trenton, New Jersey. He lived with his birth mom, Gwendolyn Rogers who was a drug and a crack user. Unfortunately, He never knew his father growing up.
Bryant was raised as a young boy growing up in the projects of Queens with his grandmother and aunt. He recalls, "My grandmother used to tell me "Your mother not coming home. She not coming back to pick you up. You're gonna stay with us now"". That's when he started adjusting to the streets.

Bryant started to hang out with the kids on the street and
they became his family.

When Bryant was twelve, an older man opened a boxing gym for the local kids near Bryant's home. He began boxing after seeing his older brother break into the sport. In the mid 1990's, he was an amateur boxer and used boxing to keep out of trouble but it didn't work. "When I wasn't killing time in school, I was sparring in the gym or selling crack on the block."

One of his closest companions was his cousin Marquis. They would cut class and hang out on the streets. From hanging in the streets, Bryant decided to join a gang in Trenton, NJ. For Bryant, the gang was a cool thing for him and it was like a extended family.

Elementary- Middle School

Jefferson Elementary School in the fourth grade was not a good experience for Bryant. Mrs. Brown, his fourth grade teacher, was concerned about his ups and downs in school, missing classes, not doing his homework and getting into trouble. She noticed that his behavior had changed from when he first started her class and he was getting in more trouble. So during his fifth grade year, he was transferred over to Stokes Elementary School . He was stubborn and still did not listen to anybody, no matter what obstacles came his way.

Bryant was placed in the special education program at Stokes Elementary School as he was born with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and was a Visual Learner. This was due to the drugs in his system. Learning some subjects was very difficult as he would need to visualize the concept before he could understand it. One day his middle school teacher, Michelle Williams called him outside the classroom and asked him if he wanted to come and live with her and her husband. She told him that hanging out with the wrong crowd, not doing his homework, cutting classes, and being in a gang were not the things he needed in his life. He needed to have goals to accomplish the things he wanted.

High School

On September 8, 1998, Bryant began his first day of Trenton Central High School. He knew that entering high school was serious because high school is the first important part of a young adult's life. High School can make or break a person and it is where one begins to decide what you'll do in your life. It sets the basic foundation for your college and working career.

In high school Bryant decided to set some goals in life. He wanted to graduate high school and stay out of trouble. So Bryant signed up to be in the Junior Officer Training Core Program and eventual advanced to Corporal Rank. The program was able to make him a better person and focus on achieving his goals through leadership, dedication, strength, and courage. Bryant spent his free time studying and made the honor roll for four marking periods straight during 9th grade. He was also active in sports and was on the track team as well as the wrestle team for Trenton Central High School.

Being dedicated to accomplish his goals paid off, as Bryant was the recipient of the MVP award on the Track Team and won several trophies in track and wrestling. After receiving these awards, Bryant felt he could accomplish anything he wanted to. He joined the Upward Bound Program that assists students to prepare for college. Within the Upward Bound Program he was able to get academic help to prepare him for the college entrance exam. Bryant took the exam three times to improve his score in math, reading and writing before he was able to go on the college tours. All of the hard work and commitment paid off as Bryant graduated with Honors in High School and landed a track scholarship to Norfolk State University.

College Life

Bryant brought his leadership skills and discipline he learned in High School to Norfolk State University where he was the Student Ambassador, VP of Student Government Association and President of the Psychology Club 2003, 2004. Bryant then transferred after his second year to Old Dominion University to major in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Who establish his first accomplish research paper, of proving Rap music causes violent aggressive behavior.
Currently, Rogers asking questions Why God created earth? when people have different emotions. BR believe people should use there senses more then there emotions, a true higher being is a Alien that we have no title of in the universe. Studying Psychology his biggest influence was Albert Einstein. "My political ideal is democracy. Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized." -Albert Einstein

While in college one day Bryant got a phone call from his grandmother, his half-sister was killed; she too was strung out on drugs and lived in a halfway home. He had to leave school in Virginia and go to Queens to bury his sister. It was then that Bryant started to write his own poetry and pop songs to express how he felt. He was determined to not turn out like his mom and sister who were only 26 years old when they both died. Even though college was difficult without any support system, Bryant was able to get help from the big brother program, learning disability centre and tutoring to help him through college. College was difficult at times and fun also. He was able to work with some of his college mates to produce some of his songs and performed at Old Dominion University while studying. Being in college was difficult at times and could be distracting. So to show Bryant the opportunity that he had in the US, his big brother /mentor took him on a trip to Trinidad and Guyana that was a turning point in his life. Going on the trip made him realized the opportunity that he had in the US and it made him even more determined to graduate. Despite the odds Bryant graduated in 2008 with his Bachelor' Degree in Psychology / with a minor in Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University and was the part of the Leadership Award Program from Old Dominion University.

Giving Back to the Community as an Artist

Upon graduation Bryant, went back to his community. To help take care his mentor, in the fight of diabetes and his community of people of the lost. He grew up and raised in Addisleigh Park, New York. Where is the homes of iconic residents of famous Jazz trail community. To be a role model and help others by sharing his story. Since graduating from College Bryant has done some modeling, acting and performing Jazz and Blues as a Poet, Singer, and Songwriter. The electric violin backing him up as a lyricist. Bryant writes his own songs and poems based on his life struggles and accomplishments. Bryant has set his next goal in life to start the Possible Movement that anything in life is possible if you have the determination to do so. The goal behind his movement is to help the impossible in the inner city to stay in school and graduate.

In addition, being born a crack baby he didn't let that stop him with his mother being a crack user. Despite all, he hopes that he can make a difference and help others as he was helped by so many people. Bryant is currently a motivational speaker for different companies. He spends time talking and mentoring the youth, women, and men in the community to stay in school , go to college or be a entrepreneur. If he was able to do it with his life struggle and learning disability anyone can do it. The inner city have imitated him and look up to him as a role model to get through there journey of hardship. He has just completed his Hip Hop of Jazz and blues Album and is about to release his single, “It’s Possible”.

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